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Students Employment

Jobs for students are usually both casual and menial in nature. It's theses job types that allow the flexible working hours necessary for the young learners and trainees
Working as a waitress or waiter you can be making from Euro 450.00 to 600.00 plus your tips. Accommodation its always provided by employer and its usualy an one bedroom appartment share by two people of the same sex.
At ALDEMAR EMPLOYMENT we work closely with major hotels in Greece and Cyprus that they have adopted the Hotel Managment students programme. Through the years we have placed hundreds of students to work with our clients as a part of their University practice.
If you are wondering , what will a coffee making or waitress  job experience contribute to your career as an architect. Well, not much directly. But you will improve your interpersonal skills, gain customer service experience, work better under pressure, increase your sociability and make many friends and contacts that will prove advantageous in the future.
Maybe you're drawn to the hospitality industry because you love to travel, love business... or have simply always dreamed of working in a world-class hotel. No matter what your reason is, if you want to break into the hospitality and tourism field, you may want to consider working in Cyprus or Greece which according to our students its the best way combine business and pleasure in the Hospitality Industry
Complete our application form here bellow and we will contact you soon with information about jobs available in Greece and Cyprus