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                                                                                            Dranreb U.



     I have 10 years of varied experience in Food Industry with different Restaurant. My experience and

achivements and professional carrer history demonstrate attributes that make me a valuable employee  and i would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my Application.

      I believe that the position has a definite correlation with my practical knowledge and experience. I feel that i am qualified to make an effective and useful contribution to your organization and enthusiastic about the chance to participate in a meaningful role with this industry.




Trinity University of Asia                               BS Hotel and Restaurant Management  May, 2006

                                                                             (Under Graduate)Third Year Level

Balian National High School                                    High School                2000-2004


Pakil Elementary School                                   Elementary School        1994-2000





Being an aspiring applicant to your prestigious company, I humbly want to inform you that Iam a well-experienced employee of some restaurant and resort.


Iam also honored to enumerate the names of the companies I worked with together with my job descriptions. Among of which are the following:



   September 16 2016- Currently working at Maldives

   +960 981-251

Teppanyaki skills with live show cooking in front of the guest, with fresh and highest quality food. Manage all recipes and ingredients and preparation for the teppanyaki station with the meet of budget expectations, Responsible for mise-en-place for the Teppanyaki station, HACCP and FSA standard. And also Inventory and requisition of all food items. Check the temperature of all freezer and chiller for the proper temperatures ang check the expiration of all items and sanitized all areas.


1-A. Sushi-Minto int. Cuisine Doha Qatar. (April 2014- September 15 2016)

    Line cook/Sushi demi Chef de partie,Teppanyaki

   : Cook’s major responsibility is to prepare food, help the kitchen workers in the preparation of food items and set up allocated stations for menu, as instructed by Chef and compliant with standards.


I also arranges, prepares and break downs the buffets and food displays while maintaining the uppermost hygienic standards.Set up stations and collect all necessary supplies to prepare menu for service,Cover, date and correctly store all bits and pieces and food prep items,Close the kitchen correctly and follow the closing checklist for kitchen stations.



A)    To ensure that the work place, the sushi bar is always clean and safe by observing the proper application of cleanliness.

B)    Sanitizing all equipment from knife to chopping board every three hours of duty.

C)    To ensure that all the ingredients be raw or cooked are properly lebeled.

D)    To ensure that all the fridge and freezers are in good working condition to avoid spoilage and maintain the freshness of every product.

E)     To maintain and observe the proper temperature of fridge and freezers.

F)      To observe the proper temperature requored of the deliveries of fresh and frozen items such as vegetables, meats and seafoods product.

ASSIGNMENT:   To help the Chef de partie in the preparation of the sushi needed such as:

         - Tamago yaki making-(japanese egg omelet)

         -  Steaming and cutting of the Ebi Mushi-(prawn sushi)

         -  Deboning of different kinds of Fish and shell fish

         -  Proper measurement of mixtures between rice and shari-(sushi sauce)


        - Helping the superior in training new staff and kitchen Commi.- Give a hand to the head Chef in the creation and demonstration of new and special menu.

2. Paizanos Pizza & Sub. Jeddah Saudi Arabia. ( May- 2011 - Nov- 2013 )

 * Arab Seafoods restaurant*

      Possition: Cook & Pizza maker

      Job Description

      Cook : I was the one who responsible in deep frying like shrimp, fish fillet and calamari. I was also responsible in Arabian Foods.


     Pizza Maker: I was the one responsible in Pizza Station especially in Dough making    and some pizza sauce and toppings.

3. Villa Someros Resort  ( September- September 2009 )

      Position: Waiter/Cook        

      Job Description.

        This Resort in Laguna is very popular in accepting some reservations for some occassions

        and functions. In the dining area, setting the table skirting, napkin folding and serving

        foods to the guests were my assigned tasks.


4.Pizzahut Bistro Timog Q.C. ( April 2007 – September 2008 )

      Position: Cook and Waiter

      Job Description.


     I was the one who responsible in pizza station,making the dough and pizza prepararion and

        Presentation. And also in preparing pasta,salad and appetizer.


        I was the one responsible in jotting down the "orders" of our valued customers. Setting  

        the table and skirting were also my priority treating our customers with respect were being

        extended, for them to come again in our restaurant.


5. Chowking E. Rodriguez Q.C.  ( July 2006 – December 2006)  

      Position: Service Crew                

      Job Description

       In the food chain, I was assigned in preparing desserts like halo-halo, cold drinks like sago

       gulaman, naichba tea were being served by me as well as hot drinks like coffe and

       chocolata. In addition to that, I was also responsible in giving some customer services in 

       the dining area to our valued customers.


6. Jollibee     E. Rodriguez Q.C.( January 2006 – April 2006)

      Position: Service Crew    

      Job Description

        I was  assigned in the soda station, preparing vegetable salads like house salad with island

        and thousand dressings. I also prepared some of their delicious and mouth-watering

        desserts like ice craze and ice cream with different flavors. I also served hot and cold

        drinks to our valued customers and see to it that the food products I served are of

        standard and with high quality.


7. Philippine Youth Symphonic Band (PYSB) Santolan,Pasig

    (May 2004-December 2006 -Musician)



Culinary skills specially japanese cousin with Teppanyaki Skills

Has knowledge in music playing saxophone

Sales and Inventory

Cooking skills, Bartending, Skirting, Napkin folding

Swimming, Driving, Electronic Appliance troubleshooting




HACCP                                                 Velassaru Maldives                     Sept 19 2016

FSA                                                       Velassaru Maldives                     Sept 20 2016

HACCP                                                 Doha Qatar                                April 21 2014

HACCP                                                 Saudi Arabia                               May 24 2011

Customer Mania Plus                             Philippine Pizzahut Inc.                April 2007

Customer Mania Plus                             Philippine Pizzahut Inc.                November 2007

Philippine Music Camp                          A.I.L.M School of Music             April- May 2004

Philippine Music Camp                          A.I.L.M School of Music             April- May 2005

Philippine Music Camp                          A.I.L.M School of Music             April- May 2006

Food Expo                                    World Trade Center, Manila         October 2004





Age:                29 years old

Address:          233  Alley 1, Project 6, Quezon City philippines.

 E-mail:           dranreb.dato@yahoo.com

 Religion:          Catholic

 Citizenship:      Filipino

 Birthday:         March 24, 1987

 Marital Status: Married

 Mobile no:    +960-9812 519 and +974-74410825

 SSS no.:        33-9854337-3

 TIN:              243-084-811

 Passport no:  EC6945686



Redy Stevanus                                                                                 Ricky Hernandez

Pastor                                                                                             Sushi Minto Doha Qatar

Church of God Makati                                                                      +97455010514                                                                                                   0917-8595928


Angela siena                                                                             Jhoana L. Manaysay

GM sushi minto                                                                          Shift Manager sushi minto

Doha Qatar                                                                                     Doha Qatar

+97477827031                                                                         +97433581086