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CV 16



NAME:                                      VELJKO M

ADDRESS:                                 Kapicova 5, 851 01 Bratislava    

Preradovićeva 039, 113 06  Beograd – Grocka

PHONE NUMBER:                      

NATIONALITY:                          Serbian

DATE OF BIRTH:                       27th JULY 1982






DATES /FROM-TO/:                   August 2014 -



TYPE OF BUSINESS:                  OTC - Specialist Customer Service Support with Greek and English


RESPONSIBILITIES:                  - Order entry (retail and professional)

                                              - Invoicing

                                              - Procedure of Credit/Debit Notes and Returns

                                              - Master Data (Pricing and material determination procedure)

                                              - Customer Master Data (maintenance and creation of customer)

- Bank Data (maintenance or creation of Bank branches)



DATES /FROM-TO/:                   May 2008 – November 2013

NAME OF COMPANY:                 LINDOS PRINCESS Beach Hotel, 4 stars – all inclusive

                                                801 09 Lardos

TYPE OF BUSINESS:                  Head barman (pool bar)


RESPONSIBILITIES:                   Responsible for evening-shift of poolbar and complete stuff in evening-shift

Responsible for complete inventory of poolbar and for daily ordering goods for bar.

Responsible for the training of students (usually czech and slovak nationality) for work in facilities similar categories, which also include controle of their relationships and communication with clients.

Assistent of supervisor in the field of communication with students and organization their daily activities and work programs.




DATES /FROM-TO/:                   April 2007 – April 2008

NAME OF COMPANY:                 INTEGRITY GROUP d.o.o. consumables catering inventor

                                                Klare Cetkin 11000 Belgrade

TYPE OF BUSINESS:                  Storekeeper, driver


RESPONSIBILITIES:                   Responsible for storage, goods issuance and condition of the goods in the warehouse.

                                                Receipt and control of goods from suppliers.

                                                Transportation and delivery of goods to catering facilities on the territory of Serbia.





DATES /FROM-TO/:                   November 2004 – May 2006

NAME OF COMPANY:                 MIG COMMERCE d.o.o. catering equipment

                                                Str. Ljube Kovacevica 14 Belgrade

TYPE OF BUSINESS:                  Storekeeper, driver


RESPONSIBILITIES:                   Responsible for storage and entire goods in same. Transportation and delivery of goods to catering facilities. Sales assistant charge for hypermarkets like METRO - Cash and Carry and others.





DATES /FROM-TO/:                   2001-2003

NAME OF ORGANIZATION:         College of Sports and Health - Belgrade

TYPE:                                       Sports Coach


DATES /FROM-TO/:                   1997-2001

NAME OF ORGANIZATION:         School for mechanical engineering Belgrade

TYPE:                                       practice was held in precision industries mechanic (IPM) in Belgrade



LANGUAGES:                             Serbian             mother language


English              fluent


Slovak               fluent


                                                Greek               fluent




SKILLS AND COMPETENCES:      Has excellent working abilities in all areas of business has done, especially on field of tourism and hospitality where he gained a huge experience working abroad.

                                                Excellent relationship and communication and positivism in work with clients also determined and always professional in his work.

                                                Always ready to support and accept all ideas and advices of more experience colleagues.

                                                Proven team player and always motivated to help when it´s necessary.

                                                One of his main features is possibility of communication in four foreign languages on high level.

                                                Former professional basketball player.

                                                Excellent driving skills /car, van/.




COMPETENCES:                         Computer skills – basic knowledge in word, outlook and excel. Currently working in SAP system.


DRIVING LICENCE:                    category B


OTHER ACTIVITIES:                  From 2009 – 2013, active member of association of Serbs in Rhodes and community Serbian Greek Friendship. As a former basketball player still active in amateur sport. Besides sport attends a course of German language.

                                              Active basketball player in 1st Slovak league




WORK PERMIT:                       5 years permit, with the possibility of extension on the basis of marriage with a Slovak citizen.