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                                                              BAR MANAGER                                                                 

1989-1995 Vilnius university, English philology



1996-2002 jobs on board cruise ships:

1996-1998 assistant bar manager, duties include-ordering stock, financial reports weekly and monthly, greeting of new sign-ons,appointing them to their job places,delivering uniforms, checking if they aren‘t late for duties, if they‘re attending seminars,communicating with passengers and close collaboration with colleagues from other departments.My best achievements in this position-great accounting and financial data results,superb socializing with passengers and colleagues, precisely attended job hours, excellent skills in product knowledge.

1998-2000 bartender,duties include-taking care of the bar passengers,ordering stock, cocktail ingredients.Best achievements in martini bar with great martini cocktails and in champagne bar with serving caviar, acquiring knowledge about the best brands of champagne and wine all over the world.

2000-2002 business club manager, duties include-promotions, sales, ordering stock,taking care of supplies, communicating with passengers, looking after bartender‘s job inside the club, financial reports.The best results here-the club was full with passengers every cruise-I love socializing,great sales,well organized promotions, great team work with the club's bartender,excellent different ports in different countries knowledge, excursions and interpreting English-Russian skills.


2002-now English lecturer, self-employed, duties include-managing my own business,search of students,organising lectures live,on skype,on phone, doing financial reports and year declarations.Translations and interpreting from time to time.My achieved best results here-great people of different age skills,excellent targeted marketing,well organised lecture structure, increased skills in communication live and remotely, experience in interpreting and translations English-Lithuanian.


Computer literacy




English and Russian written and spoken fluently.Polish-spoken fluently, written-weak.



Traveling, reading, outdoor sports, concerts,performances, skating.

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