At Aldemar Employment, matching the right person with the right job has been our passion for many years. With an unwavering commitment to service excellence, we help hundreds of large companies and small businesses secure the talent they need to be successful.

We  focus on creating a Win / Win relationship between the Candidate and the Client.

We are a source of quality employment opportunities for many people internationally each year Finding the right candidate or the right job can be a daunting task. Let Aldemar Employment and Consultants make the process simple and efficient.

Your Career Connection Your search for the right job begins here. Through Aldemar Employment and Consultants and our affiliated staffing and recruiting services ,we offer you great career opportunities.

We constantly extend our database with increasingly more clients and resumes, pursuing candidates through effective strategies. We create networks by attending job fairs, trade fairs, industry exhibitions and expositions, always meeting new people and creating alliances with other agencies. What makes Aldemar Employment  so powerful and effective is our strategic staffing methods, catering directly to the business needs of the hiring firm, both on short term and in the long run.

At Aldemar Employment and Consultants our goal is to provide exceptional customer service. Whether you are an applicant looking for the perfect assignment or a client who needs a person with just the right skills, our goal is to exceed your expectations.

At Aldemar Employment we would like to believe that we represent the companies that we are hiring for and are the first face that our candidate sees

Finding a job is not easy as most job-seekers know. It takes time, effort and planning. Effective job searching is a skill that very few can easily master. One the other side of the coin, employers realize that finding suitable employees, can also be time consuming and relatively expensive. As the marketplace leader, Aldemar Employment and  Consultants, we fully focused on providing everyone involved with our company the opportunity to succeed, however, success is defined by each. We connect people with the work they want and the talent they need. And we are confident that we will inspire our candidates, clients, vendors, and staff to achieve more in work and in life. 

Based on our knowledge of the workforce and performance management, Aldemar Employment and Consultants has helped people and organizations for many years.