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                                                                           K.L.Shalika - Sushi cook




To be an Employee of a Hospitality Industry   seeking challenging position as  a sushi head chef to utilize my creative cookery skill, specially worked with experienced European chefs My strength are being confident & team builder with ability to communicate fluently in English and achieve  exceptional cookery performance. My aim is to obtain a position that will provide me an opportunity for personal & professional growth as well as job satisfaction to further my career in a reputed establishment.




·        Coordinate with the Out let  chef de cuisine  for smooth operation in the kitchen

·        Take responsibility when preparing all foods are prepared fresh and is of the highest standard for taste and food safety.

·        As a sushi head chef always make practicing and motivate subordinates to work clean, neat and tidy working areas in the kitchen.

·        Used to work as team Leader when the operation is getting busy.


·        Maintains timely preparation, food finishing and garnishing of menu items, including set menu preparation. As well as Tapas & finger foods

·         Motivate the junior sous chef, Chef de parties, Demi chefs &   Commis  to  Follow  the  proper procedures when recycling food from over production.&  sanitizing procedures for all the vegetables .

·         Always guide the commis chefs to make Yield and portion control measurements are followed as per St. Regis standards.

·         Organize the Setting –up the kitchen & utensils and service lines and to ensure that menu items are re-supplied as deemed necessary.

·        Following the HACCP food management system & make practicing them among the commis ,  public health and sanitation  regulations and procedures as per  ABDFCA  standard.

  • Take a leader ship to organize and complete work in accordance to deadlines.





·       Name       :   Colombo Hilton

·       Duration  :   2007 – Present -2007 to 2011

·       Position   :   Demi chef de parties                   

·       Section     :  Sushi / hot kitchen GINZA             





·       Name       :   Hilton Irufushi and sun Siam irufushi Maldives     

·       Duration  :   2012 – 2014      

·       Position   :   Chef de Parties                                 

·       Section     :   Sushi / Asian fusion / cold kitchens



·       Name       :   coya Japanese restaurant Limassol Cyprus                                          

·       Duration  :   2014 -- 2017  till now

·       Position   :   sushi Head chef (Nikkei cussing)

·       Section        Sushi /hot kitchen / cold kitchens





·         HACCP Awareness program certificate course conducted by chartered Institute Of Environmental Health

                   Make it Right Certificate Of Completion 2012 October 2012

                   For Completion Of Food Allergen 2012 November 23

                   CRM Training Completion Certificate 2013 October 2012

                   Level 2 Certificate in food Safety on 2015 June




Text Box:             EDUCATION    QUALIFICATION 

Successfully completed G .C.E O/L Exam conducted by Sri Lanka Education Department





                    Name with initials            :  K.L.Shalika  


                    Full Name                            :

                    Date of Birth                      : 19 July 1987

                    NIC Number                       : 872012273 V

                    School                                   :  S\T Bernadette National School

                    Civil Status                          : Single

                    Religion                                : Roman Catholic

                    Pass port number             : N533996










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