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Applicant 5

Name and  Surname: Alona M

Date and Place of birth: 04.08.1980 Odessa region  Kiliya


Foreign Languages -    

          Russian – native

          English – good

            Ukranian native

Education History

      Marine Fishing College (1998-2000)

      Agricultural University (2001-2006)


Employment History

Period (03.2004-10.2006)

Position Waitress/bartender

Company’s name Hotel Sakhalin. Odessa

Duties: тaking orders,  roomservice, the evening report, workplace cleaning,order of materials and drinks from supplier,making koffe and tea, inventory


Period (06.2010-09.2010)

Position Waitress

Company’s name Grand Marine. Odessa

Duties: taking orders, service coffee breaks and breakfast


Period (09.2010-04.2012)

Position Waitress

Company’s name La Veranda.Odessa

Duties: meeting guests, remondation ,presentation, decant and service vine and food ,promotion vine off the day, cleaning restaurant


Period (07.2012-11.2012)

Position Waitress

Company’s name Mano Cruise(Israel)

Duties: serving breakfast, lunch, dinner. taking orders for drinks cleaning restaurant


Period (06.06.2013-11.06.2016)

Pozition Waitress pay rest.

Duties : creating atmosphere enjoing of good vine and nice food,  recomendation and decant off vine infront of guest, serving some ather drinks, taking order and service,

Company s name Costa Crociere


 Period (23.09.2016-23.10.2016) 

Pozition Bartender

Duties : saling drinks , coffe drinks,tea, beer, alcohol, Inventory, cleaning work place

Companys name Tanit ( Tunisia)

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