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Cyprus Internship

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Cyprus - legends shrouded island, where the hot Mediterranean sun shines all year round. Even in ancient times, travelers had flocked here from all over the world. Today Cyprus - a modern state, which combines modern European culture and ancient charm. Here you find a small welcome the world with blue beaches and high peaks, yards with olive trees and ancient ruins that invoke the imagination, tree plantations and old villages. It is a place where there are no worries, where friendly locals thanks to disappear sense of time.

Cyprus is a choice between two types of programs:

Positions may be in hotels, coffee shops, beach bars and restaurants; granted free accommodation and matting; cultivated 6 days a week for 8-9 hours per day; Fellowship - 600-650 euros per month plus tips; may participate in all  ages.

 Some positions may continue to be located in areas away from the sea.


Internship students:

Position is only 4-5 star hotels; granted free accommodation and catering, working 6 days a week, 8 hours a day, grant - 450 euros per month plus a possible bonus for participants, contract until the end of the internship; participation to the student's status with the participants.



Age from 18 to 29 years;

Good knowledge of English required for all positions. German, Russian and Greek language skills would be an advantage;

a minimum of work experience in the field in which you want to go.


The contract duration can be from 3 months to 12 months.


Type program for young people - 500-650 euros per month plus tips;

Type II program (Internship) students - 450 euros per month plus a possible bonus for participants, until the end of the internship contract.


The employer provides free accommodation and meals.

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