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Greece Internship

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Greece International program offers the opportunity to gain work experience in servicing practices in the field of various spa islands of this country.

Employment Practices offers both summer and winter season, hotels, restaurants, beach bars, cafes and so on.


You can choose from two types of programs:

Type A - work experience for young people under 29 years:

positions may be in hotels, coffee shops, beach bars and restaurants; granted free accommodation and matting; cultivated 6-7 days a week for 8-9 hours per day; Fellowship - 500 to 650 euros a month (possible tips); Youth can participate in up to 29 years.


Type B - internship students:

The position of the hotel; granted free accommodation and catering, working 6 days a week, 8 hours a day, grant - 400.00 - 450.00 Euros per month (after having resided there for the entire contract period every month added 50 million); participation to the student's status with the participants.



Age from 18 to 29 years;

Good knowledge of English required for all positions. German, Russian and Greek language skills would be an advantage;

a minimum of work experience in the field in which you want to go.


The shortest duration of the program is 3 months, maximum - 1 year and longer.


Type program for young people - from 500 to 650 euros a month (possible tips);

Type B program (Internship) students - 400 euros per month plus a possible bonus for participants.


ACCOMMODATION: Employers offering free meals at work and accommodation! There is already an internship can reserve seats on these hotels:


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